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It’s been a hard year, and we know 2021 hasn’t started as we expected. But, in order to get to normality and to save lives we must stay at home. Our resources are available so you can make from home and we cannot wait to see you when the situation is better and the spread of Coronavirus is under control. Until then, we’ll be here… just online!

Tech for Students Appeal

Technology is urgently needed to support young people and to keep them connected to friends and education.

Let's do this North Yorkshire!

At York Pi Jam, we are passionate about bringing digital making activities to the young, old and everyone in between!
No one should miss out on developing digital making skills, that are essential in the modern digital world.
Coronavirus has affected us hugely. Our usual events have been banned for 9 months already and it's not going to get easier for us for a little longer. We've uploaded all of our resources onto our website helping you discover digital making skills, albeit it from home.

*virtual hugs*

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What to do during lockdown?

Get your code in Space!

No lie! We can help you get your code up on the International Space Station.

Try our resources.

We've uploaded all of our resources onto the York Pi Jam Education site.

Check out our Twitter.

Parents & Guardians... we are on Twitter! Give us a follow for updates & makes.


At York Pi Jam, we are doing everything we can to try to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus at our events and workshops. We're looking at what we can do to keep everyone safe, whether that be through visors for our team or hand sanitiser for everyone to use. Although we are a while away from resuming with our face-to-face operations, we are confident that everything we are doing now will help us, and you, in the future. Thanks for sticking by our sides.

Take part in our raffle!

Bootham Crescent has been the home of York City FC for 88 years and we are going to miss it alongside the community! To celebrate Bootham Crescent and the new LNER Community Stadium, we are running a raffle!
Support our work and get a chance to win!

Join our Business Club!

If you're a North Yorkshire business, we ned your help!
You can now pay an annual donation and join our business club, helping us continue our free digital making activities and support for young people in our community, plus you get certificates and updates to show your support.

We're mixing it up!

Local radio means a lot to us!
Not only do they play pretty good music, have some competitions and bring local news... they allow people like us to have a voice and broadcast important messages to our community.
It's got the people you know like Ben, Laura, Victoria, Tim, David, Paul... and all of your other faves from Minster FM.
So mix it up, listen to York Mix Radio and hear about Ben's theory involving James Bond and Castle Howard get squashed by Laura! That and decent local radio stuff.

Digital making events and workshops near you.

There are digital making events and workshops in your area. Find out what's available where you are.

Please note: A national lockdown is now in effect.
You must stay at home. Last updated 05 January 2021.

Our mission.

York Pi Jam is on a mission to make sure everyone has access to digital making activities to obtain essential skills in a growing and developing world.


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