Another award for Team York Pi Jam 🎉

We are super proud of Luke, our lead for York Pi Jam, who won the Spirit of the Youth award at the York Press Community Pride Awards 2020.

Luke has been with York Pi Jam from the very start back in 2016 (yes, we really do turn 5 this year!). Back when we didn’t really know much about running a local charity, and we had only just hosted our first ever digital making event. Since then, we’ve grown and hosted multiple events and workshops each year, and in 2020 we grew even more and took over York CoderDojo and worked with other local charities through our Big Charity Giveback back in the first lockdown. We’re now a prominent part of our local community and the leading organisation in York providing digital making activities to young people. Young people are our future, and it’s more important than ever that sufficient support and resources are there to help back young people to learn these essential skills.

You can watch Luke’s preinterview with The York Press about being nominated for the award here:

We would have done a photoshoot with Luke and his award but lockdown restrictions have meant we’re having to wait that little bit longer… maybe in March?

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