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Pay for Heroes

Help the campaign by dropping an email to your local MP. Use our template below:


As we enter the third national lockdown, I like many in your constituency want to show my appreciation for the workers at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. Every Thursday, our community clapped for carers, NHS staff and all essential workers. Many have started clapping again as part of Clap for Heroes. But I think they deserve something a little more substantial, don’t you?

I want our frontline heroes to be paid a fair and liveable wage. Yet this summer, the government froze pay for nursers and carers, resulting in a real-term pay cut of almost £2,500 according to the IPPR. I ask you to use your influence to ensure all frontline public sector workers are given the pay they deserve.

Under the government’s new point-based immigration system, nearly two thirds of the EU nationals currently working in the healthcare sector would not be allowed into the country. If you’re risking your life to get Britain through this crisis, you should be celebrated, not shunned.

The NHS is at breaking point as this new strain runs out of control, and it is the frontline heroes who are bearing the massive physical and psychological burden. As my MP, I ask you to stand up for all frontline workers.

Please, fight for fair pay, proper support and real recognition of our frontline workers in parliament and beyond.



A constituent in [INSERT YOUR POSTCODE]

Thank you for taking a stand and emailing your MP!
Another huge thanks to Best for Britain for the creation of the template.

From the whole of the York Pi Jam Team, we want to thank every carer, member of the NHS staff and essential worker for their hard work during these difficult times. Without you, this dire situation would be much, much worse.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

York Pi Jam is continuing to work from home during the current national lockdown.
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