Face coverings released to support local charity

York MakerFest has launched their new face covering, with 100% of the profits going to St Leonard’s Hospice.

York MakerFest has announced that their face covering that is being launched on our online store will be supporting a local charity. York MakerFest has been supporting St Leonard’s Hospice through their Charity of the Year scheme. With multiple fundraisers cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the face coverings hope to raise some funds to support St Leonard’s through the coming months. The exclusive sunflower design, designed by the York MakerFest team, is printed across the face covering, allowing people to show their support.

York MakerFest’s Charity of the Year Coordinator, David Thompson, says “We were really disappointed that we could not run our event in May this year, which would have allowed us to raise some funds for St Leonard’s Hospice. Since then, we have been looking at ways to support this amazing local charity at this very difficult time. The face covering project has been an exciting partnership for York MakerFest and St Leonard’s, and we are pleased that there is a way that we can provide continued support to our Charity of the Year.”

The face covering, which is priced at £6 (+ postage), is available exclusively to order from www.yorkpijam.shop/product/slh-face-covering

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