Big Charity Giveback – Stop 4 (Kitchen for Everyone York)

Our fourth Big Charity Giveback is to Kitchen for Everyone, York.

Even during the Coronavirus outbreak, they are still cooking for the homeless guys that have been temporarily housed in a local hotel and they are also sending out food parcels and buying fresh fruit and veg that is distributed through the community food banks, as you can imagine there is a great deal of need at the moment.

We wanted to say a massive thank you to the Kitchen for Everyone York team and we wanted to help their cause. We originally had plans to donate them a bulk bag of tea that would make 480 cups.. but we’re super happy to say that we have decided to do one better, and York Pi Jam have donated 1100 cups of teas, because sometimes, things can be a bit better over a warm drink.

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Big thanks to their team for sending us a photo of the huge bag!

But how can you help?

It’s super easy to donate to Kitchen for Everyone York!

You can donate by visiting their website, you can click here to be taken there.

Sometimes it can help to get a bit of information about what your donation can pay for, so here is a list of how much their stuff costs to get:

80 rashers of bacon £20

80 frozen sausages £10

60 eggs £5

60 hash browns £4

12 pints of milk £3

3 loaves of bread £3

1 margarine £1

1 jar of coffee £2

1 box of tea bags £2

2 bags of sugar £2

Cereals £3

4 cartons of fruit juice £3

and that is just for one session! If you can donate, please do.

Keep an eye out for which charity we will be supporting next.

Stay safe!

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