Our Team

Meet Team York Pi Jam.

Luke Castle

Lead of York Pi Jam projects and Organiser of York Pi Jam

Luke is the lead of York Pi Jam’s many projects and he organises York Pi Jam workshops and events. Luke started organising York Pi Jam back in 2016. Luke is also behind York MakerFest and York E-Safe, all part of the York Pi Jam family.

Safeguarding Lead for York Pi Jam

David Thompson

Assistant-lead of York Pi Jam projects and volunteer coordinator

David makes sure all the volunteers are happy and confident in everything they do. He also is the main contact for our Charity of the Year scheme where we support charities each year. David also assists with the running of our events and workshops.

Anne Carlill

Organiser of York Raspberry Jam

Anne is a retired maths lecturer, a geek gran and the organiser of York Raspberry Jam. She loves everything science and making and helps keep York Pi Jam running through her help at events. She’s also a STEM ambassador for York with the National STEM Centre.

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