Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Before donating, please drop us an email at donate@bigcharitygiveback.co.uk

Donate technology to support young people and their learning.

Tech for Students Appeal

Technology is urgently needed to support young people and to keep them connected to friends and education.

How can I donate?

Thank you for your interest in donating technology that is no longer being used. We’re working on ways to provide COVID-secure drop off locations where you can easily and safely drop off devices as part of your daily exercise (under current Coronavirus restrictions). If you want to donate, at the moment the best way to do that is to emailĀ donate@bigcharitygiveback.co.uk and we will work out the safest way for you to donate that technology.

How is donating equipment COVID-secure?

We are taking the risk of the spread of Coronavirus very seriously. We ask that you donate your technology in a plastic bag to stop them from mixing with other equipment, and we will wipe and thoroughly clean the technology.

Do I need to wipe the data?

It’s up to you! Our teams of volunteers will wipe and reset the device, to make sure it is ready for the new person/family. We will preform numerous checks to make sure that your privacy and data is protected and not shared. Alternatively, if you would like to wipe your data yourself, you can do so. Our friends at Digital Access West Yorkshire have published this guide on how to wipe your data.

What will happen to all of my data?

Once the team has been donated and all data wiped, no personal data will remain and therefore will no longer be accessible. Please make sure to save any important data onto another device before donating.

Can I donate money instead?

If you want to help through financial support, drop us an email atĀ donate@bigcharitygiveback.co.uk and we can send you information from our Amazon Wishlist on the type of products that we need – every donation is hugely appreciated!

Can anyone donate?

Like other organisations, to donate you must be over the age of 18 years. You also must own the item that you want to donate (if it’s a catalogue purchase, you must have paid the product’s payments in full).

Who receives the tech and how are they chosen?

The York Pi Jam Group who are organising this campaign only prepare the technology to be dispatched to it’s new home. The devices will be given to schools to distribute to students who need the tech. The schools can submit their interest for devices through the email schools@bigcharitygiveback.co.uk. Decisions on where to send tech to will be based on availability and a panel of volunteers who will assess the local area and amount of students who don’t have devices.

York Pi Jam is continuing to work from home during the current national lockdown.
You can view our updates on COVID-19 and the work we do at: yorkpijam.co.uk/covid-19
The Tech for Students campaign is being organised through our Big Charity Giveback scheme.
Donations will be processed by York Pi Jam volunteers and other charity partners.

From the York Pi Jam team as part of our mission to support the community.
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